Skuggornas hus

1996 | Drama | Sci-Fi & Fantasy
3.5 out of 5 stars

Class 7A are on a school trip in Gotland. Class supervisor Gia believes a restless soul is haunting the house they're staying in. Student Vanessa claims the floor in her room rocks like a boat at sea during the nights, and becomes inexplicably seasick. Gia finds the passenger list from the sunken ship with the same name as the house they're living in - Pemba. The number of people on the list is the same as the number of teachers and students in the house. Five women, eight men. 70 years later. What is about to happen, what secrets are lurking behind the walls of the house Pemba?

Gia - Gunilla Röör
Henrik - Stefan Sauk
Damen på Pemba - Inga Landgré
Rektor Levin - Frej Lindqvist
Handelsmannen - Åke Lindman
Fröken Wagner - Barbro Hiort af Ornäs
Betty - Hanna Alström
Vanessa - Emelie Rosenqvist
Tina - Rakel Wärmländer
Vibe - Moa Gammel
Anders - Peter Eggers
Alexander - Peter Viitanen
JB - Gustaf Skarsgård
Mauritz - Jesper Salén
Gustav - Jesper Dunerfeldt
Johan - Fredric Alvolin
Jens - Jonas Alvolin
Lilla fröken Wagner - Viola Furelid


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