Fröken Frimans krig

2013 | Drama
In Production | SVT1
0 out of 5 stars

Not all battles are violent. Meet a courageous group of women who takes on both the male rulers of the day and a corrupt grocery industry. Savvy is their strategy and cans of healthy food are their weapons. The three hour drama series "Miss Friman's War" is a humorous and poignant story about friendship and fighting for your dreams. It addresses topics that are as relevant today as they were then: the demand for good, unspoiled food and the struggle for equal rights. Although "Miss Friman's War" is a work of fiction, the story is partly based on actual events around the all-female food co-op "Svenska Hem", which was founded long before women even had the right to vote.

Sievert - Johannes Brost
Dagmar Friman - Sissela Kyle
fru Zander - Suzanne Ernrup
Ruben Lehmann - Rolf Lassgård
Egon - Emil Almén
Alf - Lennart Jähkel
Lottie Friman - Frida Hallgren
Frithiof Johannesson - Allan Svensson
Ebba von Rettig - Suzanne Reuter
Alma - Lena T. Hansson
Tora Nilsson - Emelie Wallberg
Jon Oskarsson - Kristoffer Berglund
Kinna Boman - Sofia Ledarp
Emmy - Maria Kulle
Rut Johannesson - Ulla Skoog
Axel Friman - Gustaf Hammarsten

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