2018 | Action & Adventure | Drama
0 out of 5 stars

The year is 1899. The young girl Marie Jensen lives at an orphanage with her two younger siblings Karl and Sofie. Their father is a sailor and has not been home for years. He was last seen in Norway but everybody is convinced he was lost at sea – except Marie. One morning the beautiful freighter ‘Hope’ comes to town with Skipper Andersen and his wife Mrs. Agnete on board. To Marie’s distress, they adopt Karl and Sofie, and Marie now faces being left alone. But quickly she comes up with a plan. At night, she cuts her long hair and disguises herself as a boy, adopts the name of Martin and signs on as a deck boy on ‘’Hope’. The ship takes Marie and her siblings on an eventful journey from the coast of Denmark to Norway and Iceland. A journey full of secrets, friendship, love and adventure – all in the hope of finding her father and reuniting her family. 'Finding Home' is a story about a young girl’s fight to break free of the path that society has destined for her and instead becoming a strong and independent woman.

- Anine-Petrea Lindvig
- Ella Daisy Anthony-Collins
- Albert Rudbeck Lindhardt
- Jon Lange
- Molly Blixt Egelind
- Bertil Smith
- Lars Brygmann
- Kirsten Olesen
- Nikolaj Dencker Schmidt

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