2019 | Drama | War & Politics
Ended | Yle TV1 | Yle Areena
0 out of 5 stars

The Activists follows the years from 1899 to 1906 when Finland as an independent nation started to form. At the center stage are young restless souls who operate against the backdrop of the phenomena of the time: deep social divisions, political intrigue, fierce proclamations and people’s movements that get out of control. Activists portrays what happens when people lose faith in society’s capability to deal with conflict.

Constantin Linder - Georg Joesaar
Timirjasev - Ilkka Pekkarinen
Nikolai Bobrikov - Andrei Tsumak
Konni Zilliacus - Elmer Bäck
Lennart Hohenthal - Pelle Heikkilä
Arvid Mörne - Peter Kanerva
Waldemar Tunzelman - Pekka Strang
Herman Gummerus - Jan Korander
Albert Collan - Viktor Idman
Eugen Schauman - Oskar Pöysti
Dagmar - Sophia Heikkilä