Ulrich Thomsen In Face To Face Interrogation Drama

Ulrich Thomsen (The Commune) leads an all-star cast in Face To Face (Forhøret) on Viaplay later this year, which offers a fresh take on the crime genre directed by Christoffer Boe (Warrior).

The eight part series challenges the traditional format for crime drama by focusing on the mental arena. In each episode, police officer Bjørn (Ulrich Thomsen) interrogates a new suspect in the search for his daughter’s killer, and as the psychological interplay unfolds both small and large details impact the case.

Christoffer Boe said: “Many talk about new formats and platforms requiring new narrative ways – I think they are wrong. A good story is still a good story. Strong actors in dramatic situations with something at stake. It sounds straightforward, but it’s actually damn hard.”

“But we have really made an effort here – with a new format, in a new form with some legendary actors and a story that slowly draws us into the darkness where the truth hopefully lies. It wasn’t an easy trip down there – but it was worth it.”

The cast of Face To Face includes Trine Dyrholm, Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Lars Mikkelsen, David Dencik, Søren Malling, and Lars Ranthe. It will premiere exclusively on Viaplay across the Nordic region this autumn.