Valkyrien – Season 1


In Oslo, doomsday visionary Leif has adapted Valkyrie Plass for Doctor Ravn so that he can conduct his research in secret. While Ravn is on the surface to bury his wife Vilma, one of Leif’s many alarms goes off. A robbery has gone terribly wrong, and Teo (the robber) is badly injured so seeks refuge with Leif. Without medical attention Teo will die. And Ravn is in debt to Leif.

Ravn’s search for something that can help Vilma seems futile. Against Leif’s wishes, Ravn invites Vilma’s research colleague to join him. Teo goes almost goes mad being trapped and separated from his heavily pregnant wife Marit. He dreams of building a refuge for himself and his family, and Leif is glad to help. But this requires a lot of resources, and Leif begins making demands of Ravn.

The clinic is open. Leif provide the patients and Ravn and Unn treat them as best they can. They are making progress in treating Vilma, but Vilma’s daughter Siv is starting to ask questions that Ravn cannot answer. Leif is in the sights of the police for his part in the robbery, and gets an unexpected challenge at the Contingency Agency.

A humiliating conversation with his brother makes Leif reconsider things. Teo puts both himself and the clinic at risk by looking for Marit. A patient leads Ravn down a path that might help Vilma. But before he can give Vilma a new drug, he needs a subject. Somebody who is not too dangerous.

A patient brings a deadly virus to the clinic, and Vilma is infected. Ravn must make some difficult choices. While Unn is working hard to gain control of infection, Leif implements his own plan.

Ravn and Leif are in desperate search of a missing person. At the same time the policeman, Per, is heading through the tunnels and bomb shelters looking for Leif. Meanwhile, at the clinic, Teo is now all alone.

Raven gets a welcome surprise, but has a problem explaining things to family, friends and the press. The hospital and Grethe put a risky solution on the table. Leif is suddenly penniless again.

Something serious is going wrong with the city infrastructure, and Oslo is going into crisis mode. Leif is pleased with his actions, but has yet to receive the confirmation he always dreamed of. Ravn’s love will be his biggest test.