Vanished by the Lake | Le Mystère du lac – Season 1


Detective Lise Stocker returns to her home town when teenager Chloe disappears during a local festival. Lise’s two best friends disappeared in identical circumstances fifteen years earlier, so she begins an investigation in parallel with head of the local police, Clovis.

While the main suspect, Rémi Bouchard, is on the run, Lise has a lot on her plate with her mother who has Alzheimer’s. Determined to stop history from repeating itself, Lise joins forces with Detective Clovis to help solve the case.

Rémi Bouchard is arrested over Chloe’s disappearance, just as he was fifteen years ago. Lise isn’t convinced of his guilt, and he insists that the previous investigation against him was biased. The investigator at the time was Lise’s father, who has since killed himself.

Several locals become suspects in the case. Clovis and Lise’s enquiries appear to indicate that Rémi Bouchard is telling the truth and the investigation carried out 15 years earlier was falsified. But to protect who?

Chloe’s body and the remains of Ana and Marion are found at the bottom of a fault and it becomes clear that the same perpetrator is to blame as fifteen years ago. Rémi Bouchard’s alibi is solid and Clovis has no choice but to release him.

Suspicion begins to point to Chloe’s former French teacher, Nicolas Mazaud. Was Clovis wrong to release Rémi Bouchard, who appears to be one step ahead of everyone in solving the mystery? And despite his letter of confession, is Nicolas Mazaud really the culprit?