Viaplay Reveals International Polar Killer Thriller

Viaplay has announced The Head, a six-part international thriller with a killer on the loose at a polar research station.

Winter has fallen on the South Pole, where the sun will soon disappear for the next six months. A small team will remain at the Polaris VI Antarctic Research Station to continue their climate change research, led by renowned biologist Arthur Wilde (John Lynch).

But when summer commander Johan Berg (Alexandre Willaume) returns, he finds the group’s members either dead or missing. A killer is on the loose and Johan’s wife Annika (Laura Bach) has vanished. To find her alive, he must trust Maggie (Katharine O’Donnelly), a young doctor who is the team’s sole survivor – or is she?

The cast also includes Amelia Hoy (Killing Eve), Álvaro Morte (Money Heist), Hannes Fohlin (The Restaurant), Richard Sammel (Casino Royale) and Japanese popstar Tomohisa Yamashita.

Viaplay Chief Content Officer, Filippa Wallestam, said: “This ambitious, atmospheric tale from the frozen Antarctic night blends Nordic noir with John Carpenter’s classic horror flick `The Thing’ to create a unique streaming experience. The extensive long shots inside a 2,000 square metre set totally immerse the viewer in this nerve-wracking mystery set in the Earth’s most inhospitable place.”

The Head, directed by Jorge Dorado (The Pier), premieres on Viaplay across the Nordic region in Autumn 2020.