Viaplay Reveals Suedi Cultural Identity Comedy

Viaplay has announced Suedi, a feature length comedy drama about identity, cultural misunderstandings and the desire to belong, written and directed by Manuel Concha (Honour).

Mahmut (Kardo Razzazi) lives in a tough area of Stockholm and dreams of being fully accepted as a Swede. So when he unexpectedly finds 30 million kronor, he changes his name to Sebastian, gets a nice house, a Volvo, and starts wearing stripy socks. But, as he starts to plan a big wedding with Isabelle (Agnes Lindström Bolmgren), Mahmut discovers that the banknotes are only valid for two more weeks…

The cast also includes Suzanne Reuter (The Restaurant), Johan Ulveson (Love Me), Filip Berg (Black Lake), Ann Petrén (Bonus Family), Claes Månsson (Welcome To Sweden), Göran Ragnerstam (Jordskott) and Christian Hillborg (The Bridge).

Manuel Concha said: “I’m the guy from a tough area who married the girl from a nice part of town, so I know exactly what it’s like to step into an environment where you feel like people are judging you. I know how easy it is to put a foot wrong and how many comical situations can arise.”

Suedi premieres on Viaplay across the Nordic region in late 2021.