Viaplay Sets Honour Season Two Premiere

Viaplay has revealed that season two of Honour (Heder) will premiere this April with Alexandra Rapaport (Gåsmamman), Anja Lundqvist (Alex), Julia Dufvenius (Modus) and Eva Röse (Maria Wern) to reprise their roles as partners of a Swedish law firm that specialises in cases involving vulnerable women.

The first season saw the firm come under pressure when a routine case had unforeseen consequences, leading to threats, violence and public recriminations. However, the real threat to the lawyers was the dark secret they share and the rifts that formed between them.

In season two, a ruthless rapist is on the loose who seems to be connected to the firm’s clients and knows their activities. Soon, the lawyers realise that they are in danger from the criminal themselves, and face a further threat when it seems that someone now knows their dark secret from season one.

Season two of Heder premieres 25th April on Viaplay across the Nordic region.