Viaplay Teases Harmonica With Josephine Bornebusch

Viaplay has revealed a teaser for Harmonica, a five-part drama about music, love and finding home, starring Josephine Bornebusch (Love Me) and Jonas Karlsson (Beck) who have written both its script and music.

Sixteen years ago, Harry and Monica were touring arenas around the world with their band, Harmonica. Now their marriage is in crisis, and while Monica dreams of getting back to music, Harry just wants to get by in life. So, when the band’s manager, Monica’s brother Tomas, suggests a nostalgia tour, Monica gives Harry an ultimatum: tour or divorce.

However, nothing is as before. Harry refuses to sing the old hits, and when Monica gets an offer that can give her the dream back, everything goes downhill. Harmonica is a series about love, music and trying to move on without fighting back told through black humour as it highlights the often absurd contrasts of artistic life.

Josephine Bornebusch said: “In addition to focusing on joy, sorrow and a hell of a lot of music, we dig deep into a crisis-ridden marriage, where our main characters try to find each other. We have been working on Harmonica for several years now, so I am really excited to share something from the series.”

Jonas Karlsson added: “This is the first time I have been involved in creating a series from scratch and at the same time writing the original music. I’m a little nervous now that we’re approaching the premiere, but at the same time it’s really time for Harmonica to meet the audience.”

Harmonica premieres 20th February 2022 on Viaplay across the Nordic region.