Victoria Carmen Sonne Now A Shooting Star

Danish actress Victoria Carmen Sonne (Holiday) has been selected to feature in Shooting Stars 2020, an annual showcase for ten young and promising European actors, to be held during the 70th Berlin International Film Festival (20th February – 1st March).

The jury said in their deliberation of Victoria Carmen Sonne: “Beauty is a phenomenon of baffling complexity. It resonates with mystery. It combines the allure of seeming naivete with formidable strength and resilience.”

“Beauty is fragile, endangered and prone to be taken advantage of. Yet it counters and transforms these challenges with grace, innocence and undaunted levity. This is what we witness in the acting of Victoria Carmen Sonne. With this she gives life to movies and movies give life to her.”

During the Berlin International Film Festival, Shooting Stars undertake a weekend of profile-raising workshops and events, with influential members of the International Casting Directors Network (ICDN), film and television agents and filmmakers, alongside interviews and photo-shoots with international media.

Previous Shooting Stars include: Iben Hjejle (1999), Daniel Craig (2000), Daniel Brühl (2003), Nikolaj Lie Kaas (2003), Carey Mulligan (2009), Alicia Vikander (2010), Esben Smed (2017), Alba August (2018) and Elliott Crosset Hove (2019).