Vikings Finale To Premiere On Amazon Prime

The final ten episodes of Emmy Award winning drama Vikings, written and created by Michael Hirst, will premiere on Prime Video in the US, UK, Germany, Austria and Ireland before rolling out in its usual home of the History channel.

The first part of season six concluded with an epic battle between the Rus and Vikings where brother fought brother. Bjorn Ironside (Alexander Ludwig) and King Harald (Peter Franzén) faced Ivar the Boneless (Alex Høgh Andersen) and the Rus in a fight for control of Norway, leaving Bjorn left for dead on the battlefield.

As the epic saga nears its end, the tumultuous conflict between the Rus and Vikings comes to a conclusion with grave consequences. While in Iceland, Ubbe (Jordan Patrick Smith) is determined to fulfill his father Ragnar’s dream and sail further west than any Viking has travelled before.

Meanwhile, there is unfinished business in England. The Vikings have established settlements there, and over-run most of the country except for Wessex. The King of Wessex, Alfred the Great, is the only Saxon ruler to seriously challenge their complete domination and Ivar the Boneless must face in battle the King he only knew as a boy for a final reckoning.

Michael Hirst said: “Our monumental Vikings saga is coming to its conclusion, but not before you’ve had to chance to watch some of my all-time favourite episodes. Prime Video will uniquely expose the series finale to a streaming audience first. Prepare to be astonished, and for many surprises along the way. And if you have tears to shed, then also be prepared to shed them.”

The final episodes of Vikings premiere on Prime Video in the US, UK, Germany, Austria and Ireland on 30th December.