Vinterberg & Kormákur Head To Toronto Film Festival

Thomas Vinterberg’s The Commune (Kollektivet) and Baltasar Kormákur’s The Oath (Eiðurinn) have been selected to appear in the Special Presentation section of the Toronto International Film Festival which runs 8th-18th September 2016.

The Commune
The Commune, which earned Trine Dyrholm the Silver Bear for Best Actress at this year’s Berlin Film Festival, is inspired by Vinterberg’s upbringing in an academic collective and tells the story of a clash between personal desires versus solidarity and tolerance in a 1970s commune.

Trine Dyrholm stars as a bored woman who persuades her husband (Ulrich Thomsen) to start a collective in his inherited childhood home in an upmarket area of Copenhagen. The project results in friendship, love and togetherness until a love affair puts the close-knit community to the test.

The Oath
The Oath, which receives it’s world premiere at the festival, is directed by Baltasar Kormákur (Everest), written by Ólafur Egill Egilsson (Trapped), and stars Kormákur (101 Reykjavík) himself in the lead role of Finnur.

Finnur is a successful heart surgeon and father of two. However, his family life begins to unravel when his daughter, Anna, gets mixed up with a manipulative, drug-dealing boyfriend. As the boyfriend’s grip tightens around Anna and the entire family, Finnur is forced to take drastic measures.