Viva Hate – Season 1


Indie rockband Viva Hate gets their equipment via a break-in in a musicshop. On their escape route Daniel saves Fanny from jumping off the Älvsborg bridge. Viva Hate have their first gig in Morgan’s flat. After yet another shady job for the loan shark Sören, Daniel gets caught by the police as the band are ready to go on stage in a rock band competition.

Daniel just makes it to the rock band competition. Viva Hate become the favourites of the audience and the jury. Daniel gets his first date with Fanny. Sören forces Daniel to work for him which ends up with him having to perform with a danceband. His next date with Fanny ends in disaster. A bad performance with Viva Hate gets Daniel kicked out of the band.

Daniel turns to his mother for advice about love to try and get Fanny back. He fails to get his place back in Viva Hate, who have replaced him with a new guitar player. Sören makes a deadly threat to Daniel, kidnaps Fanny and forces Daniel to rob a bank. Daniel seeks help from unexpected forces and manages to get free from Sören. He finally has to face the consequences of his actions, get back in the band and win Fanny back.