Wallander – Season 2


1. The Revenge
Kurt Wallander has finally achieved his dream and bought a house by the sea, enjoying long summer evenings and strolls on the beach with his dog. But his peace and quiet is shattered when the town’s power station blows up. As more acts of sabotage follow, Ystad is in chaos and Wallander fumbles in darkness as he tries to chase down the culprits.

2. The Guilt
When a six-year-old boy disappears from pre-school, Wallander and the Ystad police join a desperate search to find him. Suspicions immediately fall on a paedophile recently released from prison, but as the investigation develops it becomes evident that the crime has its roots in relationships far more complicated than the police could ever have imagined.

3. The Courier
A motorbike racer is found dead and a girl is attacked by a dangerous dog. Clues to both crimes lead Wallander and the Ystad police to the local motorbike club, but are more powerful forces at play, and how far will they go to achieve their goals?

4. The Thief
When Ystad is hit by a wave of burglaries, a group of neighbours take matters into their own hands by guarding the streets at night. At the same time, a Polish builder is reported missing by his distraught wife. Neither case are deemed high priority, but Wallander and the Ystad police investigate and uncover more than they expected.

5. The Cellist
A Russian cellist is subject to a bomb attack following a performance in Ystad. It turns out that she is a witness in a murder prosecution against a member of the Russian mafia. The member in question is no less than the son of the big boss Leb Munchin himself. Wallander and the Ystad police suddenly find themselves in the midst of a war against a powerful international enemy whose methods are merciless.

6. The Priest
A priest is shot outside a hostel in Ystad in what looks like an attempted murder. Wallander and the Ystad police look for clues and hope that the priest will regain consciousness and be able to identify his assailant.

7. The Leak
When a security van is robbed, Wallander suspects a leak inside the security company. The Ystad police investigate and Wallander seeks some expert advice from an old friend.

8. The Sniper
When a small-time crook is killed by a sniper, Wallander and the Ystad police investigate. Meanwhile, trainee policeman Pontus is forced to consider his career and finds he has more than just a sniper to deal with when he receives a surprise visitor.

9. The Angel Of Death
A choir of young women give an acclaimed guest performance in a country church outside Ystad. But when an 18-year-old member of the choir disappears, Wallander and the Ystad police are brought in to investigate. Initially it seems as if she left of her own free will, but soon traces are found that point in the opposite direction.

10. The Ghost
Arson is suspected when a house burns to the ground following a gas explosion and a man and a woman are found dead. Wallander and the Ystad police investigate and uncover an intricate web of lies, betrayal and secret love affairs.

11. The Heritage
When the wealthy owner of a successful cider business is found brutally murdered, suspicions fall on his family and workers and family secrets are revealed. But just when Wallander thinks he has worked it out, more deaths occur and he is back to square one, with his officers struggling to stay focused.

12. The Collector
Wallander and the Ystad police investigate the death of a woman during a house robbery. When Isabelle discovers she was an instructor at her gym, her personal and professional lives clash as her and Pontus’s traineeship comes to an end.

13. The Witness
Katarina’s life is threatened as she tries to prosecute a successful businessman with links to organised crime. Meanwhile, one of his business associates tries to cover up a fatal accident on a construction site and attempts to silence a witness.