Wallander – Season 3


1. The Troubled Man
Attending a family meal at the home of his daughter Linda, Kurt Wallander is intrigued when Hakan von Enke, his son-in-law’s father and a retired naval commander, is called away by an urgent phone call. It soon becomes clear that the call is related to the recovery of a body from the waters of the Stockholm archipelago – the same waters where, at the height of the Cold War, depth charges were exploded in an attempt to raise a submarine which had strayed into Swedish territorial waters. When Hakan goes missing, Wallander’s investigations uncover a complicated international espionage.

2. Missing
When eight-year-old Ella disappears on her way to school, suspicion falls upon her parents, who are involved in a bitter custody battle. Both seem to have airtight alibis and are equally distraught over their daughter’s disappearance, but Wallander realises there are similarities between this case and an unsolved case from ten years earlier.

3. The Betrayal
Mystery surrounds the murder of the wife of a successful inspirational author whose body is found on the beach close to her house. The couple were going through an acrimonious divorce and their daughter, although close to her mother, has not spoken with her father for many months. The finger of suspicion points at a mysterious builder who had been working in the house, but Wallander and the Ystad police can find no evidence of him having been in the house at all. Meanwhile, Kurt is having more trouble with his short term memory, a fact not lost on his colleague Martinsson.

4. The Loss
Kurt Wallander leads the investigation when the dismembered body of a young woman is found buried in a field. All the leads point to the victim being an Eastern European prostitute, but what has led to her death and who is behind her brutal murder?

5. The Arsonist
Young offender Tommy is released from detention having served five years for aggravated arson in the village of Linby. His sister has persuaded her unwilling husband to allow him to stay on their farm until he can get settled elsewhere, but no sooner has he arrived than there is an arson attack on the farm. Kurt and the Ystad police have to unravel the mystery with the whole village seemingly complicit in their desire for revenge.

6. The Sad Bird
A well-known restaurant owner is kidnapped at gunpoint and, as his family wait for a ransom demand, Kurt and the Ystad team attempt to untangle a web of deceit surrounding the missing man, who has long been suspected of drug dealing. Kurt is introduced to Jenny Blom, a Malmo policewoman who has been conducting her own investigation into the missing man after the death of her partner.