Walter Presents Picks Up 3 More Nordic Dramas

ZDF Enterprises announced in Cannes multiple deals with the soon to be launched UK on-demand foreign language drama service Walter Presents, run by Channel 4 and GSN.

Three Nordic TV series and co-productions were part of the deal totalling 44 hours of TV drama, with Blue Eyes forming part of Walter Presents’ launch line-up in January 2016:


The Team
Criminals don’t stop at borders, and neither should the police. “The Team” portrays a group of European police officers fighting international crime throughout Europe. The series is written by specialists Peter Thorsboe and Mai Brostrøm (The Eagle, The Protectors) – names that guarantee well-grounded and vividly inventive cases with complex, stimulating characters.

“The Team” consists of forensics, legal and IT experts, along with profilers and psychologists; their cases take them to Europe’s major cities. The series benefits from Europe’s huge cultural diversity and is shot in original languages. It sheds light into the reality of today’s organized crime, as well as into the fates behind the crimes. “The Team” sees to it that justice wins and the victims’ dignity is restored.


Blue Eyes (Blå Ögon)
Sweden is preparing its general elections when right-wing politician Annika Nilsson (51) is murdered. Her children Simon (19) and Sofia (24) handle their loss differently. Sofia is convinced that immigrants killed her mother. In her hunt for scapegoats, she comes across a violent, extreme-right movement called Veritas, which is carrying out attacks against Swedish society. If all goes according to plan, their actions will culminate in a spectacular bombing of the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

Meanwhile, in the Ministry of Justice, Elin Hammar becomes aware that something is wrong in the department. Not only are important documents missing, but her predecessor also disappeared under mysterious circumstances. The deeper she digs, the more trails she finds pointing inthe same direction: Uddevalla, the town where Annika Nilsson lived…


Thicker Than Water (Tjockare än Vatten)
Anna-Lisa Waldemar runs an old boarding house on the beautiful island of Sunnanö in the Swedish archipelago together with her son Oscar and his family. Without Oscar’s knowledge Anna-Lisa invites his brother Lasse and sister Jonna in time for the summer opening. Oscar’s shock has barely sunk in before another shock shatters his world – Anna-Lisa is found dead and her last will stipulates certain conditions for the siblings: They have to run the boarding house together during the entire season – or else they won’t inherit anything at all.

It is the mother’s last effort to reunite her children, but it is easier said than done. It will change their lives and uncover hidden truths and dark family secrets. They will confront their unsolved past and struggle with current emotions. They will all find out whether blood is thicker than water …