Walter Presents Acquires Stockholm Requiem

Stockholm Requiem (Sthlm Rekviem), a ten-part adaptation of Kristina Ohlsson’s best-selling Bergman & Recht crime novels, has been acquired by the Walter Presents streaming service for the UK and Australia.

The series follows criminologist Fredrika Bergman (Liv Mjønes) who, after a tragic car accident, begins working with the police as an investigative analyst. Her skills are soon recognised by Inspector Alex Recht (Jonas Karlsson), and soon they are working together in a fight against cruel violence and unspeakable evil on the dark streets of Stockholm.

Walter Iuzzolino, curator of Walter Presents, says that Stockholm Requiem is “everything you want in a Scandi Noir and more. Quintessential viewing for anyone who likes beautifully shot drama and a plot line that will keep you guessing.”

Directed by Karin Fahlén and Lisa Ohlin, Stockholm Requiem is written by Jörgen Hjerdt and Pauline Wolff.