We Got This Lands On Viaplay This Month

A private detective tries to solve one of the world’s biggest murder mysteries in We Got This, a comedy written by and starring Schiaffino Musarra that arrives on Viaplay later this month.

George English (Schiaffino Musarra), an unemployed American living in Sweden turns detective to solve the 30-year-old murder of the Prime Minister Olof Palme for which there is a SEK 50 million reward which will enable him to pay off his tax bill. With the help of a motley crew of hobby investigators, George takes on Sweden’s biggest mystery but risks awakening dark forces that lurk in the shadows.

The cast also includes Alexander Karim (The Lawyer), Sandra Andreis (The Head), Lennart Jähkel (Miss Friman’s War), Olle Sarri (The Inner Circle) and Johanna Wilson (Gåsmamman).

Schiaffino Musarra said: “This is not a comedy about the murder, but a story about the police investigation that was like an absurd comedy. When I started digging, it seemed that some young Swedes don’t even know that a Swedish Prime Minister has been murdered. I wanted to tell something educational that young people can absorb, and through comedy it is easier to talk about difficult things.”

We Got This, which debuted on SVT last year, will be available to stream in its entirety from 21st March on Viaplay across the Nordic region.