We Got This – Season 1

George English, a struggling American immigrant living in Sweden, begins to imagine that solving the murder of former prime minister Olof Palme could be the answer to all of his problems.

Between taking a job as a substitute teacher and attempting to keep his tax debt and his new obsession a secret from Sofia, George drags a reluctant Alex deeper into his private investigation, which leads to them to local conspiracy theorist Björn Söderqvist and his theory of how everything is connected to everything.

Convinced that solving the cat lady’s murder could be a short cut to the finish line of the Palme case, George manages to convince Eva, Björn and Alex to officially join forces.

Coming to terms with their historic discovery, the arrival of a legendary figure thought to have had a hand in the Palme assassination not only raises the stakes but it also has George, Alex, Björn and Eva debating what to do next.

A choice between a new lead that raises more questions than answers and an extremely risky plan that could likely crack the Palme case wide open, causes divisions within the group.

On the run to reunite with his family in Georgia, USA, George thinks he is safe until he realises that the bad guys are right behind him.