West Of Liberty | Väster om friheten – Season 1

Faye Morris witnesses the murder of three Americans in Marrakech so flees to Berlin, where she contacts the American embassy. The CIA chief in Berlin, Clive “GT” Barnes, discovers that those murdered in Morocco were members of the whistleblower organisation Hydraleaks and contacts former Stasi agent Ludwig Licht to arrange a meeting with Faye.

GT finds out that the CIA plans to fire him and it turns out that the US ambassador is on the list of those who leaked information to Hydraleaks. Pavel pressures Licht and Faye flees from his apartment to hide with her friend Linda instead. But there is a surprise waiting.

Gell hides out at the Syrian embassy and GT realises that it will be difficult to get him out of there. Faye seeks protection at the Harriman residence but is rejected. Instead, Licht takes her home to GT where she is hidden. Pavel announces that he intends to reach Licht through Faye, and Licht is forced to act.

GT tries to persuade the leader of the Syrian refugees to attack the Syrian embassy in order to smoke out Gell. Harriman offers Faye full immunity in exchange for the list of names, but she is doubtful. Licht starts planning an attack on the embassy.

Fran Bowden makes Faye an offer. Almond has reservations about the embassy attack, to which GT reacts badly. Licht tells Gemayel’s men Gell is to be taken alive. The demonstration outside the embassy turns violent, but Licht makes it inside.

Gell is put in a precarious situation when placed in custody with the Syrian protesters. Licht manages to escape and picks up Faye to get her to safety. He seeks sanctuary in Sweden but gets an unpleasant surprise there.