Wester and Jansson’s School To Open Spring 2016

Filming has begun on a new comedy series to premiere Spring 2016 on TV3 in Sweden. The School (Skolan), produced by Wester and Jansson, is being recorded at Lerbäck School in Lund, and brings together some of Sweden’s finest comic performers such as Eva Röse, Johan Wester, Anders Jansson and Anna Blomberg.

Anders Jansson says: “It is a series that I have been carrying for a while, because I have three children of different ages. The school is an incredibly comical place that we all have a relationship with. At the same time it changes and is undergoing a crisis every three years. It’s a lovely source of humour.”

“As a comedian, writer and producer, you’re looking all the time for funny situations, characters, titles and names. Every time I was at a parent meeting, I sat and recorded what was fun, rather than the important bits.”

“No matter where you went to school you should be able to recognise yourself,” says Johan Wester, who plays the headmaster Torsten.

“Torsten is always positive but has poor self-knowledge. At the end of each episode it is revealed that he is not doing as well as he thinks he is.”

Anders Jansson’s role is quite the opposite of Torsten: “I play the caretaker Ingebjörn who is kind of the headmaster’s guilty conscience. He is at the same level as the children, and his best friend is one of the students.”

The School’s other characters include David Batra as a craft teacher, Eva Röse as an SO teacher and Anna Blomberg in two different roles: the nasty dinnerlady Kerstin and her sister Lillian.