When Joel Kinnaman Met President Barack Obama

At the Brilliant Minds conference in Stockholm last month, Joel Kinnaman (House Of Cards) introduced former US president Barack Obama as guest speaker and recalled that the first time they met was at one of Obama’s final state dinners at the White House.

Joel Kinnaman had heard rumours that Barack and Michelle Obama were both big fans of House Of Cards so was really looking forward to being introduced to them:

“At the reception, when we were all lined up for our presidential handshake and photo op, my mind started wandering a little bit. I started imagining what it would be like when the time came for me to shake the President’s hand.”

“I started thinking maybe I’d say Mr President, and then maybe he would say something like Governor Conway. And then you know, maybe we’d both laugh. Then all of a sudden it was my turn and the President was standing right there in front of me.”

“But either he hadn’t gotten to my episodes yet, I don’t come in until episode 7, or maybe he watched my episodes and I made zero impression on him because he had no idea who I was…”