When The Dust Settles For USA & Australia

When The Dust Settles (Når Støvet Har Lagt Sig), the hit Danish drama which achieved a 42% audience share when it premiered this February, has been sold to North America, Australia, the Czech Republic, Spain, and the UK.

It’s a busy Friday night at a newly opened restaurant in Copenhagen. Guests are eating, drinking and enjoying a carefree night out when two masked men with weapons enter the premises. Shots are fired. And just like that, life will never be the same.

During the days before and after the attack, the stories of eight very different characters intertwine, it becomes apparent that they are connected in quite unexpected ways and find themselves questioning the life choices that they have made.

Acquisitions Manager for DR Sales, Freja Johanne Nørgaard Sørensen, said: “We are excited that buyers have committed whole heartedly to When The Dust Settles. This series is an ambitious project that speaks to something in all of us.”

When The Dust Settles has been acquired by Topic for North America, SBS for Australia, Seznam TV for the Czech Republic, Filmin for Spain, and Walter Presents for the UK.