Winners Return To Nordic Film Days Lübeck

Nordic Film Days Lübeck (Nordische Filmtage Lübeck) has announced the lineup for its main competition programme, the NDR Film Prize, at this year’s 60th anniversary festival (30th October – 4th November).

Three previous NDR Film Prize contenders are among the entries: 2013 winner Michael Noer (Northwest) is back with Before the Frost (Før frosten); 2014 winner Baldvin Z (Life in a Fishbowl) presents Let Me Fall (Lof mér að falla), and 2015 winner Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken (Returning Home) brings An Affair (En affære).

Other Nordic contenders include Klaus Härö with One Last Deal, Hannes Holm with A Moon of my Own (Ted – För kärlekens skull), Tuva Novotny with Blind Spot (Blindsone), Kasper Kalle with Christian IV, and Benedikt Erlingsson with Iceland’s Oscar hopeful Woman at War (Kona fer í stríð).

Festival Artistic Director, Linde Fröhlich, said: “We’re proud and happy to be celebrating the 60th anniversary of the festival with great directors, who make their mark with very specific cinematic signatures and their idiosyncratic choice of subject matter!”

“But we’re also looking forward to our new guests – filmmakers who are presenting their feature debuts here in Competition, and from whom we will be hearing a lot more in the future.”