Wisting Halted As Norway Drama Strike Deepens

Since 1st September, deadlock over pay and conditions between the Norwegian Film Association (NFF) and the Virke Producers Association has resulted in strike action on dramas such as Home Ground and Twin. Now, as the situation deepens, production on Wisting has been halted completely.

According to the Central Statistics Bureau, pay in the television industry is 25% below the national average wage. Therefore, the union suggests that those who work in TV should be paid in line with those who work on feature films, and are often the very same people.

The union also demands that all NFF members should be brought under the same collective bargaining agreement. There are currently some positions that are not covered, and a blanket agreement would also prevent new job titles from being created to circumvent issues such as working time directives.

As the true cost of this hiatus has yet to be counted, it remains unclear how the shortfall will be financed. But, as time moves on, those laid off during the strike might find work elsewhere and actors may have other commitments, so completing the projects at all could be challenging.

When the strike hit Home Ground (Heimebane) three weeks ago, six episodes were complete but there are two yet left to film, while Wisting still has three weeks of filming left to complete the series.