Witnesses | Les Témoins – Season 1


Unrelated bodies are dug up and left in show homes to form an idealised family. Among them, Sandra Winckler, a young police officer in charge of the case, finds a photo of retired legendary cop Paul Maisonneuve.

Paul Maisonneuve and Sandra Winckler, who are like chalk and cheese, take on the show home case. Victim of an attempted murder, Paul Maisonneuve is a mysterious man. What secret is he hiding, and who is it from his past that they are all looking for?

Sandra Winckler and Paul Maisonneuve have the proof: Kaz Gorbier is alive. Paul’s sworn enemy is probably the one digging up the bodies. In search of Kaz and his accomplices, Paul and Sandra discover another macabre staging: more bodies in a new show-home.

Kaz Gorbier takes action and reveals himself: he kidnaps his own family and lures Paul Maisonneuve into a trap. Will Sandra Winckler be able to foil his plan and solve the numerous mysteries mounting up around the show home case?

Paul Maisonneuve is in the hands of Kaz Gorbier. Sandra Winckler is now alone on the case. She knows that Kaz can’t be acting alone, so who is digging up the bodies, where does the truth lie and, more importantly, how can she save Paul from certain death?

Saved by Sandra, Paul discovers the truth: the person digging up the bodies is hiding their troubled past which has resurfaced. Paul and Sandra will have to stretch themselves to their very limits to finally get to the bottom of the show home case.