YouTube Star Clara Henry Leads SVT Sitcom

YouTube star and blogger Clara Henry is set to lead new eight-part sitcom Sjukt oklar, in which her character ditches school in the final semester to go travelling and returns years later to complete her education.

24-year-old Ellen (Clara Henry) meets Vera while backpacking in Bali and love begins to blossom. Eventually, Ellen runs out of money and returns home, where she fakes her age to graduate high school. But there she is surprised to meet Vera again in the classroom…

Clara Henry said in a press release: “I’m looking forward to playing Ellen! I’m going into a role that is quite different to myself. Ellen is impulsive, savvy and terrified of conflict, but has an amazing ability to talk her way out of any situation.”

She added to Aftonbladet: “It’s nice to portray an LGBT person who can just be without having to answer for their sexuality… In the series, the situation is not a statement, the main character happens to like girls, it’s straightforward and it’s just one of her many qualities.”

Sjukt oklar begins filming this summer and will premiere on SVT Play this autumn.